If you are thinking about doing a Candle Fundraiser, check out this article for some tips.

Is your group looking for a new fundraiser? Maybe your friends and family are sick of buying candy or wrapping paper. Some groups are looking for fundraisers that don't revolve around food as friends and family become more health-conscious or are watching their waistlines. Food fundraisers are fun and delicious but it is nice to be able to offer your supporters an alternative and this is where a candle fundraiser is great.

Most people like the warmth and personal style that candles add to their homes. People often go out and buy candles to add scent, color or decoration to their homes so why not offer them the opportunity to buy something they already want and support your group? A candle fundraiser can also be an excellent opportunity for your supporters to stock up on gifts for their friends and family. Candles make outstanding gifts to have on hand as prizes for baby showers, bridal showers, for secret santa gifts, or when you just want to give a little something to brighten someone's day. Remind your supporters of their gift giving needs both during the holiday season and throughout the year.

Candle fundraisers are terrific because you can get started immediately. All you need to do is print your candle fundraiser order form and brochure right from your home computer Click Here and you can start selling beautiful candles to your friends, family, and neighbors. Here are a few tips to make your candle fundraiser even more profitable.