IMG 2002The Q Foundation for Kids is so pleased that we have had an opportunity to meet Michael with his wonderful smile, boundless energy and enviable positive attitude.  A citizen of Ghana in the Western part of Africa, Michael was born in 2007 with a rare medical condition called Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenital (“AMC”)

AMC can occur when a fetus does not move around enough in the womb. The condition affects the joints, including the hips, knees, feet, hands, shoulders, elbows and wrists. Due to lack of movement in the womb, the joints become contracted or tighten and become inflexible. Children with this condition require specialized and repeated orthopedic surgeon  intervention as early as day one of birth.

In Michael's, case AMC affected his arms (Michael cannot lift them to shoulder level) hips (Michael has a dislocated hip) and ankles (Michael walks on his toes because his ankles are inflexible).

His loving mother Esi, feeling helpless in her own country but dedicated to finding medical intervention for Michael scoured the Internet from Ghana to find help for Michael. Fortunately, Esi found the Shriners Hospital  for children, filled out an application form and sent it, hoping that this critical intervention which would change Michael’s life forever. Esi received a favorable response after a year of documentation, medical reviews and government approvals for travel and was approved for specialized orthopedic at the Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Montreal, Canada. All of Michael’s hospital costs provided at no charge.

Michael had his first corrective foot and ankle  surgery  at the Shriner’s hospital in Montreal in May 2015. In March  2016, Michael had his second foot and ankle surgery. Further treatment continued on January 10th  2017  when Michael had a hip surgery. Michael’s hip surgery recovery will take over a year.

Michael  continues to receive love and support from the hospital, the staff, local Shriners from Karnak in Montreal and from the local Order of Quetzalcoatl membership in Montreal. Esi filed an application for a grant from the Q Foundation for Kids for support for their accommodations and other costs to ensure that both could stay in Canada while Michael is recovering from his medical procedures. The Foundation was pleased to commit these financial resources as a grant for this wonderful Shrine Child.

Michael and his mother are excited and grateful for all the support they are getting from Montreal Shriner’s Hospital staff, The Q Foundation for Kids and each of the Shriners from Karnak, Montreal members of the Order of Quetzalcoatl and so many other Masonic organizations who have supported them.

Having spent such quality time with Michael, we are now convinced that Michael’s desires to be an attorney or politician are well within reach on his path to success. Keep smiling Michael, as you make the rest of the world smile as well.

Below are pictures to show both Michael's challenging moments and some fun times.